I injured my right shoulder joint and I could not raise my arm at all because of the pain and stiffness. As a trained doctor, I tried all treatment options, but the pain and stiffness wouldn’t go away. I visited Charisma Ministries where Pastor Brian asked me to raise my arm which I couldn’t do easily. He prayed over me and commanded healing over my arm. I automatically felt the heaviness leave my arm. There was no pain at all. I was instantly healed . For the past 5 years, I've continued to lift heavy cartons without difficulty. Since that healing in 2016, I have never experienced any more pain or stiffness in my right shoulder. God has completely healed me.
Dr Mary Joku-Ponifasio
Surgeon, M.D.
For years I'd been filled with fear and torment. When I came to Charisma, Brian and the team welcomed me with love and total acceptance. They prayed for me and I was set free by the power of Jesus Christ. Charisma ministry upholds the truth of God, the presence of God is tangible in the services and the team is the real deal. You need to come.
Dragos Bratasanu, Ph.D.
Aerospace Manager
I was suffering from a jaw problem. I would be talking or eating, and suddenly my jaw would just lock open, or “stick”. It was very painful as it would wrench the joint and make things worse. I was about to look for a specialist to see if anything could be done to help me. At the time my husband was attending Charisma Christian Ministries regularly, but I had never been. One night I decided to go with him to see what he was involved in. I soon discovered it was a place of Christian prayer for healing. To my surprise, part way through the meeting, reverend Brian asked for the person who was suffering from a sore jaw to come forward. I went up the front, and Brian placed his hands around my jaw and commanded it to be healed, in Jesus name. My first thought was rather cynical, as at that time I had not seen many healings through prayer, but as I looked at Brian as he prayed for me, the thought came to me: “If he has the faith to believe God can heal me, then I can have faith too”. Straight away the pain left, and I was able to open and close my jaw without pain. The pain has never returned, and I am so thankful to Jesus my healer!
Auckland, New Zealand