The relationship between Charisma and Bill Subritzky was born of a miracle.

Over the years Bill had been asking the Lord to raise up a person who would train people in healing and deliverance so they could assist him in his meetings to pray for the sick and cast out demons.

Also, they would be able to minister powerfully to many people in all sorts of circumstances.

One day there was a knock on Bill’s front door and standing there was Brian France, whom Bill had not seen for years.

Brian said that he had been praying and the Lord had directed him to Bill. He explained that he had started a group called Charisma to train people in healing and deliverance as well as teaching the Scriptures.

This was a perfect answer to prayer. Since then Charisma and Bill Subritzky have worked together in many situations resulting in many salvations, healings and deliverances.

Praise God! He is good all the time.

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Brian France and Bill Subritzky at Conference
Brian France and Bill Subritzky, Tawau Conference (2011)